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An Educational Tour in the Metropolis: Must Visit Museums in Metro Manila

Metro Manila offers many places where residents can enjoy food and drinks, fitness and wellness, the night life, music and concerts, shopping, and more. However, if you want to experience something new and educational, there are several noteworthy cultural destinations suitable for people of any age. Unwind, discover something new, and travel back in time […] Read More

Eating Healthy While Being Busy

Living a busy life does not mean food deprivation. Sometimes, we tend to do things that we think is good for our health when actually, it is the opposite. Skipping meals, binge eating, stress eating, and late night meals; apparently, habits do not make our bodies healthier. These may lead to acidity, abnormal bowel movement, […] Read More

5 Things You Must Remember When Buying a Condo

Condominiums have been popular in our country for years now. Actors and actresses, athletes, politicians, and business people are among those that are commonly living in condominiums. Other than the accessibility to the city proper, condos like the Grand Hampton Towers offer different facilities such as swimming pools, gyms, bars, and restos that are available […] Read More

High-Rise vs. Low-Rise Living

One important consideration when buying a condominium or apartment is the choice between a high-rise and a low-rise building. Both types offer several pros and cons. Listed below are several perks and downsides of both that might help you choose what you want and need. Of course, aside from these pros and cons, you also […] Read More